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“Now is not the time for a fanciful dip into our shadow because it is sexy or fashionable. It is essential, now more than ever, to bravely gaze into the darkest chambers of our hearts. It is only with an honest appraisal of the seat of our souls that we can mend ourselves individually and collectively.”

Wild Horses in Black & White


Assorted Artwork and Products for Sale

30 mins or 1 hour readings

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Black Sky


Black Sky


I have always been fascinated with the unknown in our lives, the information that goes unnoticed, the mystical and unbelievable and in my hunger for knowledge I started to explore all the dimensions of my life, past present and future even before I discovered my passion for healing, I experimented with Reiki, working with animals and children was a peaceful bonding experience it taught me to listen to those who cannot speak for themselves, later after numerous sessions, I found I could open doors for people who were being affected emotionally by their relationships and life situations via tarot. I have studied Reiki, Heart Resonance, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, and Astrology. My Readings encompass aspects of all my knowledge from a variety of modalities to help heal the spirit. Donations help grow my resources and help as many people as I can, donate to worthy causes and to bring good energy to the planet via my group memberships so they can spread the word of healing and kindness to the world. My hope is to use my resources and expand knowledge in healing and open up closed minds to another world hidden within each of us

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Night Sky
Moonlit Fortress

Our healing and futures will not be found in reductionism or hyper rational absolutes that modern science has become. It will be found in the alchemical and metaphysical ways of the past

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A self separate from everyone else is an illusionary concept, created merely for our own purposes of human definition or for convenience. *Adam

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